Bennett Media Group


We understand the importance of efficiency and partnering with one elite team allows you to keep a continuous message across all platforms necessary.

We also understand that meeting your expectations is one thing, exceeding those expectations though… that’s our standard.



A good marketing strategy begins with great market research. Before your organization can make sound, strategic decisions to achieve your goals, it’s essential to understand your competitive field through strong and intelligent data. Whether you’re looking to grow your current market share or want to expand into new areas, we will gather and analyze the necessary information to present a comprehensive strategy that will put your business in the best position to succeed.

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Although every department is an essential part of BMG, the creative department is the one that defines us. From graphic design and website development to video production and photography, we will craft all necessary creative that is not only unique and professional but continuous on every platform. But don't just read about our creative, check out our latest work and see for yourself!

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Now that we have created a differentiating campaign that is defined by your business ambitions, its time to tell the world! Or at least the people who matter most – your customers! With unique partnerships across the U.P. and nation, we have no limitations when targeting your audience. Combining frequency and reach among all platforms necessary, we truly take a custom approach to every client we are fortunate to parent with.

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Every campaign needs constant attention. Monitoring our engagement and interaction is crucial. Knowing that your budget is being invested in the most efficient manner possible is not only essential to providing positive ROI, it’s our responsibility. With frequent reporting and available live updates, we are able to show you just what is working and what we might need to adjust. Now, as long as we strategize, create and communicate effectively, evaluating is a breeze!

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Here are some showcase examples of recent work.